It is what you read when you don’t have to 

that determines what you will be 

when you can’t help it.

― Oscar Wilde

Do you read more than a few tweets a week? Look through these published works to explore the means of which enaction research was born out of.

Inside Knowledge: Rediscovering the Source of Performance Improvement weaves a suspenseful tale of how several employees working in the fictional Grand Bay company discover how to leverage their knowledge to radically improve performance. Knowledge is often the most reliable sources of sustainable competitive advantage for companies, yet, until now, it has been very difficult to translate employee knowledge into performance improvements. Inside knowledge and pragmatic knowledge are the missing links that make the connection between employee experience and a firm’s ability to gain a competitive edge.


Learning as a Way of Being offers a thoughtful critique of the roots of management education and argues that institutions of higher learning must teach managers how to integrate the discipline of learning into their very being. Such learning must be marked by strong self-direction, willingness to take risks, and integration of the learning that life teaches outside the classroom.

Managing as a Performing Art is a collection of thought-provoking essays on management and leadership that propose radical new ways of thinking about what managers do and what organizations are.

For over twenty-five years, Peter Vaill has profoundly influenced what is studied and practiced in the field of leadership and organizational development. One of the early voices on spirituality in the workplace, Vaill has consistently broken new ground in such areas as adult learning, culture, and systems thinking. And now, for the first time, Spirited Leading and Learning brings together a wealth of classic writings and exclusive new offerings from this noted management teacher and consultant–all in one volume. All those who tackle the complex issues of modern organizations and management development will find Vaill’s unique perspective and thoughtful observations as relevant today as ever before.

Managing in Organizations that Learn brings together the insights of leading theorists, consultants and practitioners in the field of organizational learning. Written by Steven Cavaleri and David Fearon, this book addresses the changing role of managers in team-oriented organizations.

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