OBTC 2010 Legacy speaker: dr. peter vaill

short note written by Dave Fearon

The video which follows was recorded in 2010 in a legacy project of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.  This is when Peter introduced his intention to give a lot of thought to the human nature of Practice. Soon after this recorded session, he began to write his Notes on Practice, working at it when his condition allowed; thinking about Practice, when he couldn’t sit up and type.  While the manuscript remains nearly finished, Peter and Dave shifted their work to creating the Practice? Podcast

Please listen to this knowing that ten years later. Peter Vaill never let go of his need for us to recognize the importance of having a practice that keeps us learning and growing.  And teaching and training in ways that support and accelerate one’s learning practice. 

Here is Peter Vaill making a DVD that was played at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference at the University of New Mexico.

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