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choosing a practiced way of life

podcasting with and then for the late Peter B. Vaill

Every listener has the means to constantly, resourcefully change and grow, especially if you become conscious of it as a Practice

Practiced work is being done anywhere we look; yet do we recognize Practice in others or ourselves?  What is the nature of Practice?  And, why does it matter? 

Listen in as management educators Peter Vaill and Dave Fearon discuss everything that is Practice with a capital “P”- a concept originated by Peter B. Vaill. Then listen to the many other conversations Dave has with a wide variety of practitioners. 

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Introduction-Why We Care About Practice

In our inaugural episode, we look into discovering our fascination with learning “in action,” to keep practices going in ever-changing circumstances.

episode 1-Getting started

In this episode, we get started on the basic ideas of Practice, probing our own teaching and writing experiences to unearth why Practice means something to everyone.

episode 2-How to look at practice

In this week’s episode, we develop our main way of thinking about Practice from which many current and future “conjectures” arise.

interlude 1-Cristina Negron mitusina

Our HR professional, Cristina Negron Mitusina, shares the most recent practice phase in improving employees.

episode 3-Myths and Assumptions

In this week’s episode,  we tackle some myths and untested assumptions by tapping  into our way of thinking about Practice, to open up curiosities and conventional wisdom about Practice.

episode 4-practice grows us?

In this episode, we speculate on learning as “fresh baked” into our Practices in the “heat” of constant change.

interlude 2-jackie geraci bardoorian

Corporate leadership development professional, Jackie Geraci Bardoorian, talks about a big leap to a new context to continue her practice.

episode 5-How We Should think about practice

In this week’s episode, we sharpen our perspectives on Practice by treating Practice itself as perspective; never holding still like a picture frame, but hung out as a shingle.

episode 6-Practice and systems

In this episode, we discuss systems that shape Practice and are shaped by Practice, performing in systems unique to the practitioner’s situation.

interlude 3-brittany ernst

Soon to complete her PhD in organizational science, Brittany Ernst makes Peter and Dave nostalgic about their work with such fine students.

episode 7-Social technical systems

Social technical systems?  Yes, they are always in our faces. In this episode, we talk about the balancing game for Practices, which constantly tilt between technical and human influences.

episode 8-digitization

Digitization?  Hard to say, impossible to ignore. In this week’s episode, we highlight our irony in digitizing our conversations in a podcast to extend our teaching practices beyond courses and writings.

interlude 4-john uliano

Seasoned manufacturing managerial leader John Uliano shares his story about continuously improving a 124-year-old business.

episode 9-refining and tweaking our way of thinking

In this episode, we continue to refine and tweak our main way of thinking. Practice grows its practitioners as increasingly-challenging results are pursued and (sometimes) caught.

episode 10-is practice real to a practitioner?

Practice is real to us.  Is it real to a practitioner?  In this week’s episode, we ponder what is “real” to the individual, which raises questions about intention, naming, knowing, and learning for one’s Practice.

interlude 5-steve meisel

LaSalle University management professor, Steve Meisel, joins us to share stories on the fruits of our teaching practices.

episode 11-considering management practice

It’s everywhere we look. In this week’s episode, we hone in on a type of Practice we know well, and about managerial leadership as a practice for organizational results.

episode 12-the practice of learning

Vital to all Practices – a Practice of learning. In this week’s episode, we commend a practice of learning to any sort of Practice, free from the walls of classrooms, as it’s main power source.

episode 13-Practice is an organizing principle: part one

In this episode, we have an epiphany; Practice is an organizing principle.  Conjecturing anew, we realize that a job (even a hobby) can be a Practice if we decide to make it and keep it.

episode 14-Practice is an organizing principle: part two

In this episode, we continue to look at Practice as an organizing principle. We see Practice as an interaction between the individual and a practice that distinguishes a person’s own way of doing things.

episode 15-looking ahead

In the last episode of 2019, we pause and reflect upon what we have offered so far and look ahead towards the future.

episode 16-the practice of conversing with practitioners

In this episode, we tackle how bringing practitioners into our conversations will benefit ourselves and our listeners.

episode 17-lessons learned

In this episode, we reflect on what we’ve learned from practitioners in conversation thus far.

a sudden end, a hopeful beginning

In this short note, we acknowledge and mourn the loss of Peter Vaill, one of our founding Conversationalists, a management educator, a role model, a father, and a dear friend. We will move past this and continue to develop, what Peter called, “our Practice of Practice.” We will miss him greatly.

episode 18-honoring peter (with eric dent)

In this episode, we pick up the pieces and move forward as we further our search into the nature of Practice with ethics professor, and former doctoral student of Peter’s, Dr. Eric Dent.

episode 19-building practices piece by piece (with joe seltzer)

In this week’s episode, management professor Joe Seltzer joins us to discuss building Practices in teaching and wood artistry to last.

episode 20-Helping Yourself and Others (with Kathie Ross)

In this week’s episode, chief administrator Kathie Ross shares how she is making her organizations and Practice work with and for people alike.

episode 21-managerial leadership (with brian maguire)

In this week’s episode, chief operating officer Brian Maguire joins us to discuss managerial leadership from a small business all the way up to a large corporation.

episode 22-Beyond "Business as Usual" (with Kate Emery)

In this episode, Kate Emery, a business leader with an artist’s eye, talks about her process of capturing a vision beyond “business as usual.”

Episode 23-Organization Development (with Matt Minahan)

In this episode, organizational leader and former student Matt Minahan talks about building on his practice as a strategist while sharing stories of Peter’s teaching days.

Episode 24-Changing with the Times (with Judy Cooper)

In this episode, Judy Cooper brings her forty years of experience at the Glenholme School for special needs to the conversation, showing us how her role as a leader has and continues to develop during COVID-19.

Episode 25-Making Plans Happen (with Joe Tindall)

In this week’s episode, marketing guru Joe Tindall joins us in discussing how his projects shape his practice from moment to moment.

Episode 26-The Use of Self (with David Jamieson)

In this episode, management professor David Jamieson guides us through exploring the use of self in Practice.

Episode 27-Leadership Emerges (with Joe Raelin)

In this week’s episode, management professor Joe Raelin joins us in discussing the inner workings of leadership and how it emerges from our Practices.

Episode 28-Consulting Leaders (with Linda Ferraro)

In this episode, we are joined by Leadership Consultant Linda Ferraro to discuss how her work is the success of others in organizations.

Episode 29-To Find and Be Found (with Steve Cady)

In this week’s episode, management professor Steven Cady tells us how he is building a legacy, a place for OD teachers, thinkers, and practitioners to find each other and be found by each other.

Episode 30-Social Enaction (with Dave Jr.)

In this week’s episode, we introduce “the other Dave Fearon” and delve into the inner workings of social enaction.

Episode 31-Making decisions (with David Schwab)

In this episode, David Schwab, whose practice is running DAS Contruction Services, joins us to talk about his love for learning and making tough decisions in order to benefit his Practice.

Episode 32-a practiced life

In this episode, Dave goes solo as he reflects on what it means to live a practiced life and how to maintain this perspective.

Episode 33-Living a Full, Practiced Life (with Allan Cohen)

In this week’s episode, Babson College Management professor Alan Cohen enters into a conversation on how he is, as always, living a practiced teaching life to the fullest.

Episode 34-Expanding Your Practice Horizons (with Jim Stoner)

In this episode, longtime Fordham University Management Professor Jim Stoner displays his role as an “expander” of vision, purpose, connections, ideas. A poet tells us so.

Episode 35-The Power of Talk (with Dave Jr.)

In this episode, Dave and Dave explore the power of talk to keep a Practice advancing in permanent white water.

Episode 36-A Practitioner's Voice (with Sarah Stookey)

In this week’s episode, professor Sarah Stookey talks about her Practice on teaching for a practitioner’s “voice”: not as a singing coach, but a bolder, broader thinking coach.

Episode 37-Practicing for the Future (with Brittany Buis)

In this week’s episode, “heat seeking” OB teacher Brittany Buis joins Dave to talk about why she left a secure banking Practice so she could be there for Management students in 2040.

Episode 38-Standing Out (with Olga Fernandez)

In this episode, Olga Fernandez, president of Sheep Don’t Bark, shares how her Practice keeps The Idea Factory in the crowded picture of boutique marketing firms by keeping her clients in focus.

Episode 39-Goal Oriented Practices (with Nicole Thorogood)

In this episode, project management director Nicole Thorogood shares how she believes in goals and, with her corporate project teams and personality, regularly converts them to accomplishments.

Episode 40-The Evolution of Practice (with David Oyanadel)

In this week’s episode, long-time educator and entrepreneur David Oyanadel tells us how he is extending his Practice as an educational technologist to co-creating and leading the immersive technology solutions for ARsome Technologies.

Episode 41-Practice From the Heart (with Mark Robinson)

In this episode, executive consultant Mark Robinson talks about his organizational development Practice and bringing your heart into what you love to do.

Episode 42-Media & Practice (with Mike Boissennault)

In this week’s episode, technology director Mike Boissennault shares how he is evolving his media Practice, grown in over 35 years at ESPN, to create a whole new media experience.

Episode 43-Life & Practice On Our Side (with Michael Pirson)

In this episode, Fordham Professor Michael Pirson has life on his mind and wants to see us have life on our side. He talks of ways to bring like-minded people into a global life-sustaining conversation.

Episode 44-Worldly Practice (with Sylvia Vriesendrop)

In this week’s episode, professional conversationalist Sylvia Vriesendorp shares how she inspires health leaders managing in and around the world in different cultures to enrich our shared global health Practice.

Episode 45-Pacing Your Practice (with Jon Pace)

In this week’s episode, Chief People Officer Jon Pace is gauging his Practice to “keep pace” with the rapidly changing tech support business.

Episode 46-Practice Alongside Peter Vaill (with Mitch Kusy)

In this episode, OD professor Mitch Kusy joins Dave to share memories and lessons learned alongside Peter at Antioch University.

Episode 47-Practice: A Two-Way Street (with Al Guskin)

In this episode, Antioch professor Alan Guskin joins us to discuss how he and Peter both believed deeply in learning from and with their PhD student practitioners.

Episode 48-The Practice of Conversation (with Dave Jr.)

In this week’s episode, Dave Sr and Dave Jr continue their conversation about conversation itself using a sample in an actual meeting to show what’s under the hood.

Episode 49- Readapting Practice (with Christina Negron Mitusina)

Christina spoke with Peter and Dave in Interlude 1 nine months ago. In this episode, she tells Dave how her HR Practice now works very well in a very different global corporation.

Episode 50-Moving On Up (with Brian Hannigan)

Senior project lead Brian Hannigan’s Practice results in gleaming glass walls on NYC’s finest skyscrapers. But, in this week’s episode, he says he’s had to break a few glass ceilings to get where he is today.

Episode 51- Learning Leadership (with Tom Casey)

In this week’s episode, Tom Casey, leadership consultant, author, and founder of  Discussion Partners, talks to Dave about how becoming a leader is a Practice all its own.

Episode 52-Auditing Your Practice (with Kesi Brathwaite)

In this week’s episode, young professional Kesi Brathwaite talks about how the taxing work of becoming an auditor at a billion dollar company is all worth it.

Episode 53-Experiencing Practice (with Maddie Smith)

In this episode, Maddie Smith talks about how her Practice in the greater sports arena to bring people to experience her teams.

Episode 54-Being Your Own Practice (with Kathy Kane)

In this episode, long-time organizational behavior professor Kathy Kane joins the conversation to enlighten Dave on why being “there” was so important.

Episode 55-Growing Pains of Practice (with Ben Williams)

Ben Williams and David Oyanadel (Episode 40) are partners. In this week’s episode, Ben talks to Dave about how his collaborations grow his Practice and business with David.

Episode 56-Positive Practice (with Andrea Hawkins)

In this week’s episode, futurist and culturepreneur Andrea Hawkins spreads her positive energy to Dave and listeners alike just as she does through her Practice.

Episode 57-Virtually Practice (with Brittany Ernst)

In this episode, HR leadership developer Brittany Ernst revisits the conversation she and Dave had right before COVID, and how her new virtual reality affects her Practice.

Episode 58-Ready, Set, Practice! (with Anthony Rivera)

In this episode, Anthony Rivera, the man behind the scenes of our Podcast and camera as a future filmmaker, reflects on his evolving media Practice and his experience building the podcast with Dave.

Episode 59-Being Present in Your Practice (with Carol Gorelick)

In this week’s episode, multiple-hat-wearing Carol Gorelick talks about her “been there first” mentality in all her Practices, including in the digital revolution, now with

Episode 60-A Humanistic Approach to Practice (with JinJin Zhang)

In this episode, practitioner JinJin “Jin” Zhang discusses with Dave how she is flourishing in her young Practice as an HR analyst in the pharma industry.

Episode 61-Can't Have Practice Without Theory (with Dave Jr.)

In this episode, Dave and Dave Jr. touch on why theory is not inconsequential to the guiding principles of Practice.

Episode 62-Partners in Practice (with Luciana & Gareth)

In this episode, consultants Luciana Rabay and Gareth Butcher join Dave from NE Brazil in a conversation about their process: they guide with theory and learn from practice. It’s Brazilliant!

Episode 63-A Forever Student of Practice (with Orlando Avelo)

In this week’s episode, Orlando Arvelo, a quality practitioner who loves learning and being where it all comes together, talks with Dave on how what is received and valued is his brand.

Episode 64-Purposeful Practice (with Jennifer Leigh)

In this week’s episode, Kilian J. & Caroline F. Schmitt Endowed Chair & Professor of Management at Nazareth College of Rochester, School of Business & Leadership Jennifer Leigh joins Dave to discuss what it means to not only expand your Practice, but understand its purpose going forward.

Episode 65-Practice in a Positive Regard (with Janine Clarke)

In this episode, OD coach Janine Clarke talks with Dave on how she pushes herself and others to hold practitioners and their Practices in a positive regard.

Episode 66-Finding a Place for Practice (with Kelly O'Donnell)

In this episode, contract manager Kelly O’Donnell sits in with Dave to discuss her journey to finding a place that can foster her ever-changing Practice indefinitely.

Episode 67-Setting the Stakes for Your Practice (with Rupesh Parajuli)

In this week’s episode, lead cybersecurity engineer Rupesh Parajuli joins Dave and discusses his Practice to preserve the vital digital integrity of a massive insurance company. Learning stakes? Sky high!

Episode 68-Practice One Day at a Time (with Dunnia Ulloa)

In this week’s episode, corporate internal auditor Dunnia Ulloa tells Dave how she is managing her practice to get to a place where there is more to learn one day after the other.

Episode 69-Energizing Your Practice (with Sarah Bodley)

In this episode, executive director Sarah Bodley tells Dave how she is energy in motion, bringing the dynamism of her organization forward every step of the way.

Episode 70-The Practice of Helping (with Jessie Radziwon)

In this episode, aerospace project manager Jessie Radziwon joins Dave to discuss how helping others comprehend ideas and systems builds her own fulfilling Practice.

Episode 71-Directing Your Practice (with Kate Wall)

In this episode, EDGE scholars program director Kate Wall joins Dave in a conversation on how she adapts her teaching Practice to create a context for learning success.

Episode 72-Achieving Exemplary Practice (with Kathryn & Patrick Kaplan)

Kathryn and Patrick Kaplan are exemplary organizational development practitioners. In this week’s conversation, join Dave and hear why.

Episode 73-Finding Others' Purpose in Practice (with Jessica Mand)

In this episode, communications leader Jessica Mand joins Dave in a conversation on how, in her Practice, she helps businesses and individuals alike find their purpose.

Episode 74-Constantly Changing Rules of the Game (with Amy Strickland)

In this week’s episode, Dave is joined by associate athletic director Amy Strickland, whose Practice is managing a collegiate athletics system; a system that is adapting daily to sustain health, safety, and success for students’ futures.

Episode 75-Organization Enacts Conversation (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave and Dave Jr. talk about how Practice and other ways of being organized may socially enact in purposeful conversation.

Episode 76-Managing with Purpose (with Heather Ulrich)

In this week’s episode, branch manager Heather Ulrich helps Dave depict the importance of Practice through a portrait of a true manager.

Episode 77-Constant Practice (with Luc Dang)

In this episode, CEO and entrepreneur Luc Dang joins Dave in a conversation on his exponential success through his Practice and global impact.

Episode 78-Pushing Your Practice Further (with John Uliano)

In this episode, long-time practitioner John Uliano comes back to the podcast one year after talking with Peter and Dave, and what a year it was!

Episode 79-Manufacturing Practice (with Harrison MacDonald)

In this week’s episode, past student Harrison Macdonald joins Dave in a conversation on how he’s growing a manufacturing leadership Practice years after school.

Episode 80-Ensuring a Lasting Practice (with Joe DeFeo)

In this episode, CEO Joe DeFeo joins Dave in a conversation on how to inform yourself and continue to make steps for a Practice, that will last a lifetime.

Episode 81-Our Practice is Practice

In this episode, Dave takes a few moments to reflect on Peter’s passing and what they both accomplished, which he will continue to move forward with.

Episode 82-The Path of Practice (with Jackie Bardoorian)

In this episode, Dave and Jackie Bardoorian have a turnabout and talk about his Practice with the podcast and in life going forward.

Episode 83-A Winning Practice (with Peter Winiarski)

In this episode, Peter Winiarski, CEO of Win Enterprises, joins Dave to delve into how his Practice and company help make significant change for businesses big and small.

Episode 84-Extracted Practice (with Mary Collins)

In this episode, Dave is joined by professor Mary Collins, whose non-fiction writing Practice inspires the writer in her students and readers alike.

Episode 85-Sold on Practice (with Tom Stickles)

In this episode, Tom Stickles, Director of Sales, talks with Dave on how his sales Practice allows him to make a positive impact in a hectic world.

Episode 86-Living Practice (with Jim Thompson)

In this episode, Jim Thompson, system dynamics researcher from WPI, joins Dave in discussing how his lifelong passions lent to his lifelong Practice.

Episode 87-Social Bonds (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave and Dave delve in to how conversations form social bonds in our working relationships.

Episode 88-The Future Through Conversation (Brent Robertson)

In this episode, inspirer Brent Robertson joins Dave in a conversation about Brent’s Practice to find our futures through the power of conversation.

Episode 89-Collaborative Practice (with Theo Forde-Stiegler)

In this episode, executive director Theo Forde-Stiegler talks with Dave about finding a new way to collaborate and expand on one’s Practice.

Episode 90-Practice, Bit by Bit (with Deanna Pendleton)

In this episode, Deanna Pendleton, self proclaimed “business behind the brains”, joins Dave to discus her Practice as an active participant in digital technologies.

Episode 91-Adding pep to Your Practice (with Ash Crawford)

In this episode, Dave is joined by entrepreneur Ash Crawford whose practice is all a-Quivr.

Episode 92-Practicing a Practice (with Paul Bedard)

In this episode, attorney Paul Bedard joins Dave in how arriving where he can practice Law where he grew up and continues to develop his Practice.

Episode 93-Sold on Practice (with Tom Stickels)

In this episode, director of sales Tom Stickels joins Dave in how his Practice of selling sold him on Practice.

Episode 94-Practice, Past to Present (with Joe de Feo)

In this episode, attorney Paul Bedard joins Dave in how arriving where he can practice Law where he grew up and continues to develop his Practice.

Episode 95-Looking from Outside In to Your Practice (with Ted Pizzo)

In this episode, insurance executive Ted Pizzo tells Dave how he is fully present in the moment, learns from everyone to grow his business, and does more for his public service with what and how he learns. A true practitioner!

Episode 96-Banking on Practice (with Chris Ludecke)

In this episode, long-time banking executive Chris Ludecke joins Dave in how he formed his Practice from putting his own self-worth first.

Episode 97-Practice as a Toolbox (with Rob Hokunson)

In this episode, technology director Rob Hokunson talks with Dave about facing challenges by powering through and adding tools to his Practice toolbox.

Episode 98-Paying Practice Forward (with Laura Harris)

In this episode, Laura Harris, Ph.D. is a nexus of science, technology, and unbounded curiosity which shows in her conversation with Dave on paying your Practice forward.

Episode 99-Actively Forming Your Practice (with Scott Allen)

In this episode, dynamic management educator Scott Allen talks with Dave on the difference between an active Practice and a passive Practice, and why he chooses the former.

Episode 100-Looking Back at Practice (with Dave & Ant)

In this episode, Dave sits down with collaborator and MFA film student Anthony “Ant” Rivera to reflect on how their Practice of producing the podcast has grown.

Episode 101-Practice, Practice, Practice! (with Dorothy Marcic)

In this episode, professor, playwright, novelist and podcaster Dorothy Marcic joins Dave to discuss why choosing to never stop learning pushes her to new heights for her many Practices.

Episode 102-Pushing the Limits of Practice (with Bill Torbert)

In this episode, Bill Torbert, a jack of all trades, talks with Dave on how Practice and action science has animated a lifelong teaching career and his twelfth book!

Episode 103-Marketing Your Practice (with Lizy Freudmann)

In this episode, marketing professional Lizy Freudmann joins Dave in a conversation on how she is leading a constantly adapting marketing consultancy – One More Thing.

Episode 104-Teaching Practice (with Eileen Higgins)

In this episode, publisher and professor of management Eileen Higgins talks with Dave on how she continually teaches herself in order to improve her teaching Practice.

Episode 105-High-Level Practice (with Tom Casey)

In this episode, long-time consultant Tom Casey joins Dave in their second discussion to find how Tom’s Practice includes learning the challenges of senior leaders.

Episode 106-Rejuvenating Your Practice (with Norma Ortega)

In this episode, program manager Norma Ortega tells Dave how making internships happen for college students at her energy corporation rejuvenates her Practice tenfold.

Episode 107-Managing a Wealthy Practice (with Bob Laraia)

In this episode, Bob Laraia, a wealth management practitioner, keeps Dave smiling on how to manage and promote the value in one’s Practice.

Episode 108-A Forever Practitioner (with Gary Strack)

In this episode, Gary Strack, seasoned managerial leader, talks with Dave on how he will never stop seeking new and better ideas for his Practices for the rest of his life.

Episode 109-Continuing Conversation (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave and Dad explore how conversation works using a bit of Episode 2 to shape the Practice of communication.

Episode 110-Nursing Your Practice (with Rachel Trezza)

In this episode, aspiring nurse Rachel Trezza talks with Dave on how she is preparing herself to Practice as a nurse.

Episode 111-Still Using Your Practice (with Jane Wheeler)

In this episode, associate professor Jane Wheeler joins Dave in a conversation on teaching again and again, and then some; Practice without end.

Episode 112-Be a Fan of Your Practice (with Olivia Higgins)

In this episode, Olivia Higgins, Organization Development Manager for the people of ESPN, joins Dave in a conversation on being a fan of your Practice to better it.

Episode 113-Practice from a Cultural Perspective (with Jenn Grace & Stephen Higgins)

In this episode, Dave sits with Jenn Grace and Stephen Higgins who have combined their Practices to make a book called “I Am Me”, co-authored by 100 children from 4-8 years old.

Episode 114-Following Through on Your Practice (with Gary Strack)

In this episode, managerial leader Gary Strack is back to talk with Dave on the life-affirming Practice of Golf and how it applies to any Practice.

Episode 115-From Practice to Practice (with Mara Lieberman)

In this episode, patient care associate Mara Lieberman discusses her current journey with Dave, trying roles until she finds where she can grow her quality Practice.

Episode 116-Turning Practice Into Knowledge (with Paul Gowin)

In this episode, OD consultant Paul Gowin joins Dave in a conversation on how his determination has led to a Practice where the goal is to extract meaning and dispense knowledge.

Episode 117-From Practice to Managing Practice (with Bela Pina)

In this episode, Dave is joined by Bela Pina, whose underwriting Practice has led her to now managing and leading a field of underwriters.

Episode 118-A Changing Practice to Effect Change (with Isabelle Hertz)

In this episode, Isabelle Hertz, coach and organizational change consultant, joins Dave in a lively conversation on how her OD Practice has changed over time and why.

Episode 119-Specializing Practice (with David Bright)

In this episode, David Bright, passionate leader in the field of Organization Development & Change, talks with Dave on how Practice can be specific, and that’s okay!

Episode 120-Driving Your Practice (with Ryan Goldstein)

In this episode, automotive sales manager Rtan Goldstein joins Dave in a conversation on how his offering excellence in purshcasing an automobile has driven his sales Practice over the past several years.

Episode 121-Taking a Leap of Practice (with Caitlin Gonzalez)

In this episode, career branding consultant Caitlin Gonzalez talks with Dave on how creating a business that brings out her best offerings was a leap of faith, and a leap of Practice.

Episode 122-Preparing Your Brain for Practice (with Dave Jr.)

In this episode, Dave Jr. and Dave Sr. talk about how learning to prepare our brains for our Practices help us think and act better than before.

Episode 123-The Multi-Practice Practitioner (with Harvey Dershin)

In this episode, Dave meets with life-long practitioner Harvey Dershin to look back on multiple careers, adapting and growing, and bringing more to offer to each new role. 

Episode 124-Practicing 'Til The End (with Don Dunoon)

In this episode, Don Dunoon, simpatico student of leadership as Practice, joins Dave in the lifelong Practice of understanding why organizations and people behave the way they do.

Episode 125-The Balancing Act of Practice (with Kerri Brannen)

In this episode, management educator Kerri Brannen talks with Dave about how her teaching Practice has changed to keep up with students’ expectations and her career goals.

Episode 126-Leadership in Groups (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave is once again joined by sociologist son Dave Jr. who discusses with him the fundamentals of leadership Practice from a sociological view.

Episode 127-Practice Smarter, Not Harder (with Diana Sanchez)

In this episode, market analyst Diana Sanchez joins Dave in a conversation on how her analyzing Practice taught her to accept help  and work smarter, not harder.

Episode 128- Work-Life Practice (with Brittany Ernst)

In this episode, Dave is once again joined by Brittany Ernst, PhD, a corporate OD practitioner who discusses the shift in our recent years and its effects on Organizational Practice.

Episode 129-Sell Your Practice (with Tom Stickels)

In this episode, sales director Tom Stickels joins Dave in their second conversation on how he sells his Practice to other practitioners in order to empower them.

Episode 130-Laboring Practice (with Tom Casey)

In this episode, managing principal Tom Casey returns to discuss the cause and effect relationship between Practice and labor with Dave.

Episode 131-International Practice (with Samantha Giaver)

In this episode, Head of Sales practitioner Samantha Giaver joins Dave in a conversation on how her Practice has gone international, literally and figuratively.

To New Beginnings

In this episode, Dave graciously bids podcast producer and website manager Anthony Rivera farewell on his journey towards the Practice of filmmaking.

Dave’s Podcasting Practice is suddenly swirled into a rock, as happens in Permanent White Water called time to change.  Weeks later, he has almost learned to do the many steps in the process of producing these episodes. Down the stream we go. 


Episode 132 - Loving Complexity (with Natalia Barczyszyn)

In this episode, Dave has the pleasure of reconnecting with former student Natalia to find her practicing a complex, ever-shifting role problem-solving for her major health insurance company with their business customers.

Episode 133 Learning Adventurer (Kathryn Kaplan)

This episode with Kathryn Kaplan inspires Dave to report we can build new practices from the heart up when what we did professionally is in the history books.  Living now in Mexico, she chooses to climb a steep double learning curve – certification in a new role to support the dying and learning  Spanish to do so.

Episode 134 Growing her natural recruiter practice (Brooke Steneck)

In this episode, Brooke, another of Dave’s former students, tells her Pandemic story that is ending well.  She begins an altogether new way for her to apply her professional fitness practice to discovering and encouraging people who are fit for the most challenging jobs in IT. 

Episode 135 - Conversations grow Communities of Practice (Dave & son Dave)

Here is another episode with a ‘father and son’ talk at the junction of conversation and socially enacted practice. They apply a theory of organizational learning – Communities of Practice – to a lived case in point. Dave’s own emerging field in Library Science – Data Curation and Management – is where his fellow practitioners connect globally to learn with each other what works next. 

Episode 136 - You've gotta love it! (Tad Mayer)

In this episode, Dave meets Tad Mayer for the first time only to discover that he and two change practitioners (Carly Inkpen and Justin Wright) will soon publish a book, thus adding to their mix -practicing authors. Title: Finding the Job that Loves You Back.  Thus, the title of this episode.     

Episode 137 Now it's co-creating the employment deal (Tom Casey)

In this episode, Dave has another conversation with Discussion Partner Collaborative leader Tom Casey for his views on how the workforce has been changed by the pandemic.  . Need for talent is now so great, co-creating terms employment is the new order of the day.  And more.   

Episode 138 - Everlasting Practice - Deep and Early Roots (Sam Tindal)

In this episode, Dave talks with 17-year-old V-8 engine restorer Sam Tindal. Setting his roots in his car restoration community. Supported by his auto-tech expert dad Joe, Sam has persevered from his first 350 V8 engine block, bought at age 12, to today’s steady stream of customers.  Nine engines waiting for him when he gets home from high school. He learns every minute of it.  

Episode 139 A Chance to Practice What She Loves (Carol Gorelick)

In this episode, Carol Gorlick talks with Dave about a rare opportunity to be an Ethnographer for the earliest cycles of a cohort-based Bowling Green State University doctoral program in Organizational Development & Change.  This is research Carol loved to do early in her deep career, now coming full circle.    

Episode 140 - Charting Uncharted Business Digital Sales Territory (Bob Ruffalo)

In this episode Dave re-connects with former student Bob Ruffalo to discover how he has, once again, shifted his once rare in-bound marketing firm (Impact+) onto the new ground of their own new playbook – They Ask, You Answer. Bob embodies the entrepreneurial practitioner as an open-minded, courageous learner for his company and their many clients.      

Episode 141 - A Great Practitioner in the Making (Maamle Adjoka-Nartey)

In this episode, we hear the sound of promise. Maamle Adjoka-Nortey is a university student making the most of her formal and informal learning experiences to attain greatness as she defines it.  She tells Dave that she envisions herself, five years from her 2023 graduation, still constantly growing her applied computer science and leadership skills.  In demand, independent, and keenly interested. Maamle greatness. Promising indeed.      

Episode 142- Many titles, always an Educator (Michael Stratton)

In this episode, Dave, a lifelong educator, talks with a fellow mid-career educator Michael Stratton who currently serves teaching as President of the Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society and Dean of the J. Whitney Bunting College of Business at Georgia College. Always an educator who loves teaching. Mike can see it no other way.  Nor can Dave.

Icon play large Episode 143: Projects are his Practice (Brian Hannigan)

This conversation is with veteran construction project manager Brian Hannigan.  His company, Permasteelisa North America Corp., designs, engineers and installs architectural envelopes (cladding and windows) for many of the world’s tallest and most complex buildings.  Brian’s practice is to lead the actual installation right to the top.  He is a true “Project Guy”.   

Episode 145 - Now I am a Painter (Kate Emery)

In this episode, Dave bridges Kate Emery’s Episode 22 (April 2020) to show us in Episode 145 that an eminently successful businesswoman can awaken the occasional artist in her to learn, grow, and develop in 2022 as Kate the (full-time) Painter.

Episode 146 - Strategic Marketing is Her Practice and Her Cause (Lizy Freudmann)

In this episode, Dave talks with Lizy Freudmann, Principal of One More Thing, LLC.  You will hear that she practices strategic marketing in a manner fully reflecting and engaging her core values. This includes thoughtfully revising her business model to offer more service choices.  

Episode 147 - Three "Men of Ideas" on Writing (Fred Reed, Steve Cavaleri & Me)

This episode tries something new.  Steve Cavaleri, Fred Reed, and I have a running joke. “Three mean walk into a bar” – like good friends who meet at the pub weekly to have big and little thoughts about life. In this conversation – Why do we need to keep up our writing practices?  

interlude - Pausing to remember Peter Vaill

This brief interlude in our Practice? Podcast series marks the second anniversary of Peter Vaill’s death.  Dave ponders how and why his ‘practice of Practice’ has kept him satisfyingly busy these last two years.  Since March 2020, there have been 127 more episodes.  The digital-first book that Peter could not finish, Practice as a Way of Being, is now ready for preview or purchase at Dave carries on the work started and inspired by his ‘favorite teacher’ Peter B. Vaill.  

Episode 149 - Racing change - the Data Revolution (Semir Alihodsic)

In this episode, Dave once again reconnects with a former CCSU student from 12 years ago to find that Semir Alihodsic, Team Lead- Enterprise Data & Analytics at Travelers, loves the pace of rapid change in how DATA (so far) can be tamed for multiple uses.  Listen and learn why.         

Episode 150 -Growing her science anew (Laura Harris)

In this episode, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist Laura Harris, PhD talks with Dave just ten days into her altogether new practice setting.  It is a start-up called NeuroX1 where her curiosity and creative research will have a fuller range of motion than her previous academic posts.  She is in it for the growth (and new medicines).     

Episode 152-Underwriting a Learning-Full Practice (Cesar Delgado)

In this conversation, Dave (aka Doc) finds another of his former students still growing and changing after 14 years. Why? He uses all his multiple capabilities to determine bonding worthiness of general contractors of major construction projects.  From crunching the numbers (which he was working late to do after the recording) to assuring the character of his company’s clients, Cesar’s working-learning days are full.  

Episode 153 - An 'Also Practice' (Jessie Radziwon)


In this episode Dave explores his discovery that his former student and longtime aerospace practitioner is also in a new selling practice. Jessie engages social media to create a community of clients benefiting from plant-based MONAT hair and skin products. She records conversational videos about her own product use and what she is learning from her client community. Having an ‘Also Practice’ to grow and to grow oneself and one’s income is trend emerging from the pandemic.

Episode 154 - IT is her work. Mama is her Practice (Zhihui Wang)

This episode is a conversation with Dave’s former student Zhihui, who serves admirably on an IT team in a major lighting company, but whose devotion to Emma and Ellie as their Mama (Chinese for Mama) can be heard in the warm tone of her voice. Peter Vaill said in one of our early episodes that being a mother is also a practice, perhaps the most essential to mankind. We are each her finest results, are we not?

Episode 155 - Developing leaders- her passion (Christine Fusciello)

In this episode, Dave reunites with a former student who has been an HR practitioner in various corporate roles over ensuing years. It is in the last six years that Christine Fusciello found her niche building a leadership development program for technologists for her major corporation.  Heady work for a level headed professional.