Enaction Fundamentals Podcast series

podcasts with Dave Fearon and Dave Fearon Jr

Dave & Dave Jr Podcast series

Dave Fearon Jr. discusses the many aspects of the social enaction approach. These podcasts cover applications to talk and human group life, social emotions, neuroscience, self-organizing systems, and beyond

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Episode 30-Social Enaction (with Dave Jr.)

In this week’s episode, we introduce “the other Dave Fearon” and delve into the inner workings of social enaction.

Episode 35-The Power of Talk (with Dave Jr.)

In this episode, Dave and Dave explore the power of talk to keep a Practice advancing in permanent white water.

Episode 48-The Practice of Conversation (with Dave Jr.)

In this week’s episode, Dave Sr and Dave Jr continue their conversation about conversation itself using a sample in an actual meeting to show what’s under the hood.

Episode 61-Can't Have Practice Without Theory (with Dave Jr.)

In this episode, Dave and Dave Jr. touch on why theory is not inconsequential to the guiding principles of Practice.

Episode 75-Organization Enacts Conversation (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave and Dave Jr. talk about how Practice and other ways of being organized may socially enact in purposeful conversation.

Episode 87-Social Bonds (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave and Dave delve in to how conversations form social bonds in our working relationships.

Episode 109-Continuing Conversation (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave and Dad explore how conversation works using a bit of Episode 2 to shape the Practice of communication.

Episode 122-Preparing Your Brain for Practice (with Dave Jr.)

In this episode, Dave Jr. and Dave Sr. talk about how learning to prepare our brains for our Practices help us think and act better than before.

Episode 126-Leadership in Groups (with Dave Jr)

In this episode, Dave is once again joined by sociologist son Dave Jr. who discusses with him the fundamentals of leadership Practice from a sociological view.

Episode 177 - Conjecturing on our Inner Practice Makeup (Dave, Jr & Dave, Sr)

This is another ‘Dave & Dad’ talk probing the dynamics of mind and consciousness underlying our Practice behavior.  It went long, so it is offered in two parts.  This conversation is an example of how two people with different knowledge focus on one thing – socially enacted Practice – and see where it leads us.  Live conjecturing.  

Episode 185 - A Conversation can Travel the Universe (Dave, Jr, and his Dad Dave, Sr.)

We resume our conversation about Social Enaction by exploring the infinite nature of consciousness bolstered by imagination. Recording this episode by a Maine lake, we could waft each other’s attention to matters as close as the industriously fishing loon to the looming universe. The practice of conversation edifies and amazes. We (former) Mainers knew the next chance to boggle a Mind started with “Pull up a chair and talk awhile”,

Episode 135 - Conversations grow Communities of Practice (Dave & son Dave)

Here is another episode with a ‘father and son’ talk at the junction of conversation and socially enacted practice. They apply a theory of organizational learning – Communities of Practice – to a lived case in point. Dave’s own emerging field in Library Science – Data Curation and Management – is where his fellow practitioners connect globally to learn with each other what works next. 


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